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Eat Better. Live Better.

Everyone knows delicious and good-for-you rarely mix. Everyone knows good eating isn’t always good tasting. Everyone knows it’s hard to eat right. At Marzetti, we refuse to accept what everyone knows, and we have for more than 120 years.

In 1896, Teresa Marzetti arrived in Columbus, Ohio from Florence and opened her small Italian restaurant. Marzetti’s Restaurant grew from a local favourite into a four-star restaurant known for its salad dressings. The dressings were so well loved, customers could be seen leaving the restaurant with bottles of their favourites.

By 1955, the restaurant’s upstairs became a full-scale salad dressing factory and Marzetti dressings could be found in grocery stores throughout Ohio. Ever since, we’ve kept Teresa Marzetti’s legacy alive by making products of the finest quality and bringing them to you.

We craft delectable dips and dressings using high quality ingredients. We create freshness-boosting flavour that makes you want to eat your fruits and veggies. We relentlessly pursue new ways to deliver those unrivaled flavours, and we do it with uncompromising standards of quality and innovation.

We’re inspiring a true love of eating well. Because eating better is living better.

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